Artifcial Intelligence

Artifial Intelligence
Discovr Oil
Increase Exploration Accuracy : Unlock value by applying AI to Seismic Data
Predictive Maintenance : Fix a problem before it occurs
Discovr Banking
Customer Engagement : Engage Customers through chatbots.
Customer Service : Replace call-center employees through our smart voice bots
Discovr Healthcare
Diagnostics: Increase speed and accuracy of medical diagnosis.
Pharma Sales : Analyse Sales Rep performance to increase sales
Discovr Voice
Multi-lingual - Smart bot is able to handle multi lingual requests from users
Supports transactional requests : Users can request for transactional tasks, like ordering pizza, building grocery cart, etc.
Supports Multiturn: The context of conversation is maintained and the bot responds accordingly.
Best in class Intelligence
Performs better than top players in transactional use cases

Consumer Apps

OneLabs has a total organic reach of ~ 600k users. Categories are - Food, Travel, Shopping, etc.

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Resources to maximize your app's earning, performance, etc.

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Optimize eCPM - Use SmartAds to optimize eCPMs
Maximize Revenues : Increase your revenues by upto 4X